Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Go Noodle- FREE

Go Noodle  is a free website with videos to get kids up and moving.  I used it in my classroom for indoor recess, brain breaks, and sensory breaks.  It has videos for guided dancing, deep breathing, stretching, free movement, sports and exercise, kinesthetic learning, coordination, mindfulness, zumba, and much more.

Autism Parenting Magazine

I came across this Autism Parenting Magazine today and just wanted to share!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Communication Cups

I have some students that will NOT ask for help or tell me when they are finished with their work.  So, I made these communication cups and they have worked wonders.  The green cup means that they are good to go, yellow means that they are finished with their work, and the red cup means that they need help. They stack the cups and put the one they are trying to communicate on the top.  I got the cups at Dollar General for $1 per 12 pack.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pronoun Chart Freebie!

We have been reviewing subject, object, and possessive pronouns and learning reflexive and indefinite this week, so here is a pronoun freebie!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've been searching for the fonts that are on all these cute printables that I find on Pinterest and I finally found them.  They are called Alphabets and can be bought at Lettering Delights for about $4.00 an Alphabet.  If you sign up with your email, every once in a while they will send you a coupon for 40% off.  Here are just a few of my favorites out of the hundreds o their website.

Rise and Shine


Modern Desk Caddy


Fidgets are small objects that can be beneficial for students who constantly have to move or have difficulty with paying attention or anxiety.  It is something that a student can fiddle with while paying attention or working.  If a student "plays" with the object, it is not a fidget but a toy.  Here are some awesome fidgets that I have found and just bought:

Set of Pencil Fidgets- $8.99 at Abilitations

Hyperflex Stretchy String- $5.95 at Amazon

Pull and Stretch Bouncy Ball- $5.30 at Amazon

Desk Buddy Multi Textured Tactile Chewable Ruler- $9.99 at Sensory University

Koosh Ball- $7.99 at ToysRus

Tangle Jr. Textured- $3.49 at Tangle Creations

Tactile Tiger Hand Fidget- $7.99 at Sensory University

Sensory Stixx Hand Fidget- $7.99 at Sensory University

Ziggy Pasta- $5.99 at Therapy Shoppe

Shaggies Pencil Grip Fidgets- $2.40 by It's Academic

Squigglets Sensory Bracelet- $4.49 at National Autism Resources

Figurative Language and Analogies Cards

Here are some of the awesome things I bought with my school money this year. They are picture cards for teaching metaphors and similes, idioms, and analogies.  They are $12.95 a deck at Super Duper Publications.  They also have other "fun decks" for nouns, pronouns, verbs, sequencing, prefixes and suffixes, plurals, adverbs, conjunctions, classifying, cause and effect, predicting, "wh" questions, irregular verbs, subjects and predicates, possessives, homonyms, homographs, comparatives, multiple meanings, antonyms and synonyms, compound words, contractions, plurals, and SO much more! This is going to be great for my autistic students to have visual!