Sunday, November 18, 2012


Fidgets are small objects that can be beneficial for students who constantly have to move or have difficulty with paying attention or anxiety.  It is something that a student can fiddle with while paying attention or working.  If a student "plays" with the object, it is not a fidget but a toy.  Here are some awesome fidgets that I have found and just bought:

Set of Pencil Fidgets- $8.99 at Abilitations

Hyperflex Stretchy String- $5.95 at Amazon

Pull and Stretch Bouncy Ball- $5.30 at Amazon

Desk Buddy Multi Textured Tactile Chewable Ruler- $9.99 at Sensory University

Koosh Ball- $7.99 at ToysRus

Tangle Jr. Textured- $3.49 at Tangle Creations

Tactile Tiger Hand Fidget- $7.99 at Sensory University

Sensory Stixx Hand Fidget- $7.99 at Sensory University

Ziggy Pasta- $5.99 at Therapy Shoppe

Shaggies Pencil Grip Fidgets- $2.40 by It's Academic

Squigglets Sensory Bracelet- $4.49 at National Autism Resources


  1. Wow, these fidgets are great ! Love your blog ! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. :-) Come on over to my blog to learn more.

  2. There are a lot of fidgets you listed I haven't seen yet!

    Ms. Rachel
    Ms. Rachel’s Room