Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Class Dojo

My neighbor at school told me about a website called Class Dojo.  It's a behavior management website, which is intended for smart boards.  You can program your own good and bad behaviors, which have different sounds.  It logs the behaviors for each student each day, which I love so I can print or email them to my behavior therapist.  In my class, once they get a 5 points, they can have a ticket for the school store.  My favorite part is that there is an app for smart phones.  I literally can be reading with a student and just click a button and the students usually look up at the board to see who did what but quickly get back to work.  

Scoot for Place Value

I found some place value task cards at Swamp Frog First Graders blog.  The teacher had one place value task card placed on each desk.  She played music for one minute and the student had to write the answer on their answer sheet and then they would repeat until all 20 were finished.  I love how the students got to get up and move around the classroom while learning! Click the image to download.

Monday, January 30, 2012

CrunCHy MunCHies Party!

How fun is this.. having a "CrunCHy MunCHies Party" to learn the "CH" sound.  Love! What kid or teacher for that matter doesn't love an excuse for a snack! Thanks First Grader..at Last!

Short and Long Vowel Posters

I found these posters at Oceans of First Grade Fun.  These are going in our reading helper folders too!
Click on the pictures to download.

Blends and Digraphs Charts

I found these charts at Ladybug Teacher Files.  I love how colorful and fun they are.  I'll probably put them in our reading helper folders! Click on the pictures to download them.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Posting a Youtube Video to Your Blog

Go to youtube and find the video you want to post.

Click "Share" below the youtube video.

Click "More" underneath the Facebook icon.

Click on "Blogger" icon, then publish your post.

Alphabet Songs

I found these alphabet songs at Have Fun Teaching. They are up beat and very repetitive, just what my students need!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reading Centers

The Florida Center of Reading Research website has a TON of reading centers.  I want to make every single one of them but that might take a while!  It has center activities from kindergarten to fifth grade.  The centers include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Keeping Up With Books!

Between home and the school, my books are scattered everywhere.  Sometime I forget what books I have.  So I came across this application for my iPhone called Home Library. It's 99 cents but it was worth it to me.  You just scan your books, DVD's, or games and it saves it for you.  There's even a place in the app that you can write who you loaned a book, DVD, or game to!

Making a Google Doc Preview in your Blog

It took me forever but I finally found an easy way to post a preview of a Google document in my blog!


Go to file, then save as a jpg.

Go to your blog and click on the "insert image" icon.as

Find your jpg image and click "add selected".


Go to file, then save as a pdf.

Open the "preview" application.

Open the new pdf document.

Go to file, then save as a jpg.  

Go to your blog and click on the "insert image" icon.

Find your jpg image and click "add selected".

Making and sharing a Google Doc

Log into your gmail account.

Select documents at the top.

Press the "Upload" icon to the right of  red "Create" icon.

Find your file, then press open.

Click start upload, then your document should appear.

Click on your document to open it.

Click the blue "Share" icon in the top right hand corner.

Copy the link to share.

Go to your blog.

Click the blue link icon and paste the link.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Staying Seated

Today I really struggled with students not staying in their seats.  They found little excuses to get out of their seats.  I am a teacher of many ADD students, so I usually let them get out of their seats every 30 minutes or so to do some jumping jacks or just have a break.  Anyways, I made these "Get out of your seat" passes and gave each student two for each subject.  After they used the second one, I started deducting five minutes off of their recess.  They have already become more responsible about getting all their supplies before they sit down.  Hopefully it will stay that way!