Monday, February 27, 2012

Free Handwriting Website

I know there are a lot of handwriting worksheet generators on the internet but I like this site because you can choose the size, layout, number of times, and whether you want the whole word/s or just the starting dots.  
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3D Shape Party

Who doesn't love parties?  My students were having so much trouble with learning their 3-D shapes so I made it more relevant and fun by giving them a 3D Shape Party after they learned all the shapes.  Can you guess what we ate at our party?  That's right, coke (cylinder) and an ice cream cone (obviously cone)! I also gave them a present (cube) with a bouncy ball (sphere) in it.  We had so much fun!

ZAC (Zone for Autistic Children )Browser- FREE

Me and my students love the ZAC (Zone for Autistic Children ) browser.  It was developed by a grandfather so that his grandson could safely and easily navigate the web.  It's an easy to use browser for children to watch videos, play games, draw, and listen to music.  It's free so try it out!
Click on the image to go to the webpage.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Learning Earnings- FREE

Learning Earnings is a free website for teachers to use for positive reinforcement.  Each month the teacher gets an allotted amount of tickets to give out to the students.  Once a week, the students get online to deposit their tickets to their checking or savings account.  They may redeem the tickets whenever they get enough money for the reward they want.  The reward will be shipped to the school.

Homework Linky Party

I am linking up with Lesson Plan Diva for a homework linky party.

My student's homework for the week:

-homelink sheet to do from our Everyday Math curriculum
-read a story from our Readwell curriculum to a parent or teacher
-complete 3 items on the Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe board per week

Click on the images to download.

I don't use Homeworkopoly yet but I heard it was a great way to encourage students to do their homework.  When a student completes their homework, they can roll the dice and move around the board.  There is different prizes on different spots of the board that they can get if they land on it.  If the student doesn't do his/her homework, they can't move anywhere. Click on the image to go to the link.

Common Core Books

I found a list of books at Scholastic to go with the common core reading objectives for K-2 and 3rd-5th grade.  I love and have a lot of these books.  Click the image to go to the website.